SMA was founded in 1999. After working in a few computer related jobs the need became apparent for a "hometown computer guy". After more that 12 years of repairing, building, and selling computers from a living room and a front porch we took a leap!

On July 4th, 2012 The SMA opened for business will a full-on store front and office. Located at 101 North Main St, Greensburg, KY. Through the support of friends and family this task allowed us to provide better and faster repair service as well as a small showroom to display the products we provide.

Being a small family run business allows us to keep pricing well below what can be found in the larger, more populated areas. We maintain an assorted supply of computer accessories as well as computer related office supplies.

Unable to compete with the pricing of Wal-Mart and Amazon we attempt to provide our customers with a more personal experience when selecting computer equipment or electronics. We assist our customers in finding the computer, peripheral or electronic that best fits their needs without overspending on features that are not needed. We also pride ourselves in offer a higher quality of component than "rock bottom" prices will allow. We also strive to have our dedication to customer satisfaction be unparalleled.

Thank you
Bradley Jones
Owner/Founder/Lead Technician